We're bringing a children's museum to Macomb County!


To promote the progress of Science and Innovation through knowledge of the past and present. Inspire children to use their first-hand experience as building blocks for the future.


Enrich the future of our nation and local community by inspiring the next generation to innovate through Science, Engineering and the Arts.


In 2010, in the midst of a recession, our group of motivated leaders came together with the idea of bringing "Your" children’s museum to Macomb County, Michigan.

They sought to provide your area's children with a hands-on educational experience to highlight Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – now known as STEAM (updated to include the Arts).

With a large percentage of manufacturing and technical centers in the area, it made sense to pursue the idea of a STEAM-related learning space, benefiting the county’s community, children and future workforce.

In 2012, the museum’s Board of Directors was formed, and a successful “First 40” campaign was rolled out to fund the museum’s feasibility study. This study concluded that a permanent location is necessary for Macomb County.

2018-2019: The Museum Without Walls campaign - MWoW

Volunteers are delivering a pop-up, mobile and interactive demo of educational exhibits, brought out to promote interest of our children and to grow our family of donors in Macomb County.

NEXT: Our exceptional Board Members and tireless Volunteers are making the final push towards the ultimate goal of establishing a permanent location for "Your" learning space, the Macomb Children's Hands-On Museum.

Fun and exciting VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES available! Contact April Mauro for volunteer information and registration by email or (586)924-1300.


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