We’re Bringing a Children’s Museum to Macomb County

There is an alarming rate of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)-related job openings that are not being filled in Macomb County. Students are losing interest in the STEM field because lack of exposure and preparation, especially in Science and Engineering. By providing children with an interactive museum that provides mental and physical stimulation through science and innovation, we are giving kids the early building blocks they need for a successful career in a STEM-related field.


About Us

In 2010, in the midst of the recession, a group of motivated business leaders came together with the idea of bringing a children’s museum to Macomb County, Michigan. They saw an opportunity to provide children with a hands-on educational experience that would highlight science, technology, engineering and math – also known as STEM. With a large percentage of manufacturing and technical centers in the area, it made sense to pursue the idea of a STEM-related, hands on children’s museum, benefitting the county’s community, children and future workforce. In 2012, the museum’s board of directors was formed, and a successful “First 40” campaign was rolled out to fund the museum’s feasibility study. Now, two years later, the board has continued to raise money with fundraising events and hopes to bring the museum to the community within the next few years.


Downtown Mount Clemens in Macomb County is the perfect location to establish a children’s museum. The downtown area offers cultural attractions, such as the Anton Art Center and the Crocker House. The area is also close to neighborhoods, such as the north suburban Detroit population. And downtown offers a wide amount of shopping, restaurants, and service businesses – all within a few blocks of walking distance.

How You Can Help


Would you like to be part of a highly passionate team that is motivated in bringing Macomb Children’s Hands-on Museum to life? Then help us by volunteering. We offer several opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in their community by lending a helping hand to Macomb County’s Children’s Hands-on Museum. If interested, please contact us to see how you can make a difference in Macomb County.

Partner with Us

Do you see a future exhibit that you would like to sponsor? Then Partner with us! We’re currently looking for partners that share the same passion we have in providing children with the building blocks for a successful future in STEM-related fields. So, if you think you or your company would like to make a difference in the Macomb County community, then contact us to see how we can become partners.


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With a kind donation, you can help make a difference in the lives of thousands of children. One dollar or a thousand dollars, it doesn’t matter — every donation counts. We’re a community. And it’s up to us to reach out and address our community’s needs. So please help us, and together we can build something exciting and educational for our children today, and for our STEM workforce of tomorrow.


Once you read all the benefits of a Children’s Hands-on Museum, you’ll understand why we’re so determined to bring one to the children of Macomb County.


Prepares Future Workforce (STEM): Children’s museums prepare children for STEM-related jobs by providing interactive science and technology exhibits, which lay the foundation for a child’s learning development.


Keeps Children Focused: Children’s Museums keep children entertained and engaged with exciting exhibits. This allows children to learn and retain information outside of the classroom (ACM).


More Accessible: The closest Children’s Museum to Macomb County is about an hour away. By bringing a Children’s Museum to Macomb County, we are offering local families and schools a convenient venue to experience an interactive museum, saving both on time and money (FS).


Improves Brain Development: Children’s museums offer children beneficial “brain stimulating interactions,” which is crucial for intellectual growth, because the most brain cells are formed during the first three years of a child’s life (ACM).


Improves Learning With Adult Interactions: Children’s Museums encourage child and adult interactions, which sparks imaginative curiosity, for not only the kids, but for the parents as well (ACM).


Offers School Collaboration: Children’s Museums provide opportunities for teachers and schools to come together and create a teaching partnership, such as field trips and after school programs.


Boosts Local Economy: Over 30 million people visit Children’s Museums each year around the world. And many Children’s Museums are the center of attractions, restaurants, and retail stores. This attracts tourists from all over, which is great for the local economy (ACM).


Builds a Strong Community: Children’s Museums can provide communities with children’s libraries, after-school enrichment centers, summer camps and voting precincts. This brings familiar faces together and encourages community interaction (ACM).

Future Exhibits

Advanced Manufacturers

Macomb County is a leader in advanced manufacturing, which is responsible for the building and design of advanced machinery, such as automotive and defense machinery and technology. With over 30,000 researchers and more than 80,000 manufacturing workers, advanced manufacturing plays a vital role in the county’s economy. By recognizing this, we want to offer children a chance to interact with an exhibit that educates and interests them in how advanced manufacturing works within the community.


Agriculture is the second largest industry in Michigan. With 475 farms covering 60,000 acres across Macomb County, the science of farming plays a significant role in the county’s economy. That’s why we want to have an interactive exhibit that educates children on the benefits of the community’s rich agricultural sector.


Home to many health care organizations, including the renowned Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Macomb County takes pride in providing the community with advanced health care. By offering an interactive exhibit that educates children on how the body works, we want to provide the building blocks for their education and future interest in the health and science sectors.


Macomb County is home to the Selfridge Air National Guard, five airports, and many flying schools. And with many automotive industries in the area focusing on aircraft production, aeronautics is a growing industry that isn’t slowing down. That’s why we want children to experience the wonders of flight and its significance to the community by providing an interactive, educational aeronautics exhibit.

Lakes and Rivers

Because Lake St. Clair plays such a large environmental role in Macomb County, why not educate children on the lake’s flora and fauna inhabitants? Having an interactive exhibit that educates children on the importance of Macomb County’s lake and river ecosystems will give them the knowledge and understanding of how important they are for the community.




Macomb Children’s Hands-On Museum Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Monika M Rittner, President   Financial Advisor, Design Financial Mount Clemens

Steve Guc, Vice-President  Insurance Agent, Steve Guc State Farm Insurance, Mount Clemens

Anida Sabanovic, Treasurer  Banking Center Manager, Comerica Bank, Shelby Twp

Mike Klein, Secretary  Science Curriculum Coordinator, MISD, Clinton Twp


Kate Cole, Director  Early Childhood Studies Program Advisor, Macomb Community College

Barb Dempsey, Director  Mayor, Mount Clemens

Christine M. Johns, Ed.D., Director  Superintendent of Schools, Utica Community Schools

Marilyn Lane, Director  State Representative Michigan House of Representatives, District 31, Fraser

Pamela Lavers, Director  Deputy County Executive, Macomb County

Bonnie McInerney–Slater, Director  Administrative Assistant to the Mayor, New Baltimore

Daniel Moore, Director  Volunteer Coordinator, HOPE Center in Macomb, Fraser

Gregory Vishey, Director  Owner Operator Inspector, Vishey Consulting and Inspection